Refund Policy


EONMART INC provides the flexibility to its CUSTOMERS for indulging into the procedure of return of items/segments being shipped to them owing to the non-satiety of their requirements or otherwise for any reason as they may deem appropriate within a period 4 weeks or 28 days from the date of effective order was placed on the cyberspace/web-portal of Eonmart Inc (but not the use items by any customers) THE SELLER is bound / obligated to accept any refunds being made by CUSTOMERS OF EONMART INC within the period of 28 days from the effective date when the order was placed. SELLER shall be liable to refund the amount being paid by CUSTOMER at the time of the ordering such item/segment being refunded.

It shall be how-so-ever noted down that the machinations of refund of the item/segment shall stand lapse/revoked/abrogated after 28 days from the date placing the order have elapsed.

EONMART INC shall not be liable to refund the commission on the sales made by SELLER.

The opening and operation of the Nodal account by EONMART INC shall be done only in the categorical division of the transactions to the effect where it stands applicable. EONMART INC shall stand dissolved from any liability to maintenance with aforesaid notification to the maximum extent possible under the applicable statute being in force. It shall be noted that EONMART INC is not under categorical dichotomy to the maintenance of any account where not applicable.

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