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Hookah Pipe Water Glass 22 inch red colour hookah 

USD$ 55.00  

Local taxes included (where applicable).


EASY TO ASSEMBLE – SPECTRUMJAIPUR is easy to assemble with the shaft and charcoal tray all one piece. Sprctrumjaipur shaft/charcoal tray are should stay assembled, even while cleaning. This means that there is no need to mess with a lot of moving parts making it easier to put together. For detailed assembly directions, scroll down to the Product Description.

EASY TO CLEAN - Done with your session? Cleaning is a breeze. With only 3 parts to clean - hookah bowl, shaft, and vase. Wash the vase and hookah bowl thoroughly, and run the shaft under water lightly. The hose on this hookah is not washable.

EASY TO STORE - This hookah is easy to take on-the-go, store at home, or even keep hidden. Keep it assembled and find a place on your bookshelf on in your closest. Or, disassemble it and store it in a drawer. At a little less than 12 inches tall, it is shorter than a ruler, or (2) $1 dollar bills standing vertically.

COMPLETE SET - Inside the spectrumjaipur Hookah packaging is (1) shaft, (1) shaft rubber grommet, (1) shaft downstem, (1) vase, (1) clay hookah bowl, (1) hookah bowl rubber grommet, (2) hookah hoses, (2) hookah hose rubber grommets, (1) charcoal tray (already attached to the shaft) and (1) charcoal tong with poker.

PERFECT SIZE - Fully assembled, the hookah is roughly 11.75 inches. Here is a breakdown of the part's dimensions. Please note numbers are averages and should be close. The shaft height is roughly 7.4 inches tall. The vase is about 3.25 inches tall. The bowl is about 2.5 inches tall and about 2.3 inches across. The charcoal tongs are about 4.5 inches long. The hoses are each roughly 39.3 inches long including the plastic handle at about 4.5 inches.

Instructions for assembly:
The Vase:
The shaft will be screwed into this. Make sure you put water in the vase first before you put the shaft in.

The Shaft:
The shaft should have the charcoal tray already attached. It is advised to not disassemble the charcoal tray when cleaning, storing, and assembling.

The shaft should also have four rubber grommets on it:
(1) large donut-shaped one on the bottom which will keep the air sealed between vase and shaft.
(1) large cone-shaped one on top of the charcoal tray which will keep the air sealed between shaft and bowl.
(2) small-cone shaped one in the hose socket on the middle which will keep the air sealed between shaft and hose.

These should already be on the shaft, if not, check the package as they might have fallen out.

Take the metal piece that looks like a small straw. This is your downstem. Screw it into the bottom of the shaft.

Now screw your shaft into the glass vase and make sure it is air tight and sitting straight. The water level should cover 1/4 an inch of the downstem.

The Bowl:
Place the hookah bowl on top of the rubber grommet. The bowl doesn't have to touch the charcoal tray, it just needs to be snug on the grommet. Sometimes it helps to take the rubber grommet off of the shaft and put it into the bowl first. Then place the bowl with the rubber grommet in it onto the shaft.

The Hose:
Now let's put our hookah hoses on. The hoses have two plastic pieces, one on each end. The longer one is the handle. The shorter plastic end is the side you want to screw into the shaft. This piece will fit into the rubber grommets in the hose socket in the middle of the shaft.

Your hookah is now setup!
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