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Lord Goddess Laxmi Hindu God Photo Frames For Wall And Pooja (23 X 32)Cm 

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Mata Lakshmi is the deity of the Lakshmi Mantra. She is the dynamic energy of Lord Vishnu. She bestows one with wealth, prosperity, luxury and abundance. She is believed to relieve all sorrows caused by dearth of money. She is worshipped by different names: Padma, Kamala, Vishnupriya, Kalyani, Vaishnavi, etc. She is shown as having four hands representing the four goals of a man's life: Dharma (Righteousness and Duty), Artha (Wealth and Prosperity), Kama (Worldly Desires) and Moksha (Salvation). She carries a lotus in her hand signifying beauty and consciousness. Her palms are always open sometimes coins are seen pouring from them signifying she is the giver of wealth and prosperity. Material :- Wood With Gold Aluminium Plated Subject : Wall Decor/ Hindu God Goddess Lakshmi’s four hands represent the four main points of human life:- 1. Dharma-Virtue 2. Artha-Wealth 3. Kama-Desire 4. Moksha-Ascension Lakshmi is worshipped daily in Hindu homes and commercial establishments as the goddess of wealth. The Diwali festival has an auspicious meaning to Her worshippers. It is said that on the night of full moon She Herself visits each home and blesses the devotees with wealth and hence the day is called as Lakshmi Pujan day. In the evening of Lakshmi Pujan people keep their homes brightly lit with a lot of lamps and keep the doors open as it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi can walk into any home where She sees lights.

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